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TreibGut Rental Rafts was founded by Ulrich Horstkott and Kira Schwedt. Together they have been managing three TreibGut rafting stations with 18 rafts in total throughout the lake district of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg and Ruppin in Northern Germany. ...continue to Video Making Floss.

In the Netherlands, near Roermond there is now a new rafting station at the marina Buggenum. This rafting station is managed under the same conditions by Corinna Köhler.


After more than 20 years in self-employment in the field of photo and graphic design, she decided to open her own station in Holland. She lives now in de Netherlands.


On her Instagram channel "behind_anniroc", as the name suggests, you get a glimpse behind the scenes of the daily raft rental business.


from left: Onno (at the wheel), Uli, Corinna, Kira

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