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Just give away a raft tour!

Enter the desired amount and we will send the voucher directly to you by post. The voucher will be activated upon receipt of payment.

Vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Vouchers are valid for 3 years. The booking date applies, not the actual travel date.

The vouchers can be transferred to other people. It can be redeemed by anyone. A cash payment is not possible; Remaining amounts can be used for further bookings until the entire voucher value has been fully offset.

The redemption takes place when the purchase is completed on the operator's website by entering the voucher code in the field provided.

The use of the voucher will then be confirmed and shown during the payment process. Redemption at TreibGut Germany is not possible. It is not possible to redeem multiple vouchers for one booking.

Vouchers lose their validity due to:

– redeeming the entire voucher amount when making a booking,

– the redemption of the remaining amount of a voucher code that has already been used or

– when the statute of limitations expires

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