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  • How many people can sleep on the raft?
    The rafts are equipped with 4 or 5 berths. In exceptional cases, we allow an occupancy of 6 people/raft if they are also camping. This number must not be exceeded. If the group is in distress (storm, engine problem, etc.) and cannot reach the landing stage/camping site, all people should find an emergency place to sleep in the little house.
  • How big is the lying area?
    Approx. 190 x 240cm when unfolded.
  • Can we dock anywhere?
    All jetties that do not have a private sign, larger cities have guest docks. Please report to the harbor master. Mooring fees may be added, approx. € 9.00/ night. In return, you often get electricity and toilets/showers. Fastening to trees is prohibited for nature conservation reasons!
  • Can we anchor anywhere?
    On the lakes in general yes. It is recommended to be near the shore, but 10m away from the reed beds for reasons of nature conservation and the shore because of shallows. Anchoring under bridges and on the Meuse is not permitted! In an emergency, you can moor at any jetty.
  • What is the fuel consumption per hour?
    1-1.5 liters per hour, depending on load and wind.
  • Do I have enough petrol on board?
    Yes, for tours up to a week. We provide you with a full tank and an additional reserve canister. You usually don't need to refuel on the go. It is not permitted to bring your own petrol.
  • How fast does the raft go and how far can I get?
    The raft travels an average of 5 km/hour. We recommend a maximum of 20 km a day, because the raft is intended for leisurely travel, not for covering long distances quickly, enjoy the landscape!
  • Are pets allowed on board?
    Yes of course! We recommend a life jacket for dogs. You can then use the handle to pull the fur nose back onto the raft. A stand up paddle is also recommended. If you anchor, you can paddle ashore with the dog.
  • Are there also one-way tours?
    No, the rafts must always be returned at the same station. However, the perspective on the return trip is often so different that you don't recognize the area, so memorize the paths and use water maps.
  • Is the roof accessible?
    Yes, the roof is accessible, but at your own risk and only for those who can climb the climbing tree.
  • Are (small) children allowed on board?
    Of course, we will provide you with life jackets. We recommend that babies bring their own playpen.
  • Can you grill on the raft?
    Yes, only with our grill, because it is certainly designed for the raft. One-time rental fee 10 euros. Please bring briquettes (no charcoal) and barbecue lighters.Do not use your own grill.
  • Is there electricity on board?
    No, we deliberately did without electricity on board - with us it's time to "switch off" and improvise.
  • Is there a toilet on board?
    Yes, there is a camp toilet at the back of the raft. When the raft is returned, it must be emptied into the containers provided by us. Or for a surcharge of 10 euros.
  • How long does the rafting instruction take?
    About half an hour!
  • Is there a blood alcohol limit when driving a boat?
    Yes, the alcohol limit in the Netherlands is currently 0.5 per thousand when driving a boat. We do not recommend consuming alcohol while navigating as the water police in Holland are very strict.
  • Can I just cast the line?
    Written permission is required. Either fishing license "VISpas" or a weekly permit. For a one-week permit to fish in some of Limburg's waters or in the central Limburg Maas lakes, you can get one from the VVV Roermond Tourist Office. Weekly permit each €15,- Note closed times!
  • Dive
    If you have a diving license, you can dive freely in the Maas lakes. The most popular dive sites are in Maasbracht, Panheel and Thorn.
  • Is there a hammock on board?
    Either bring your own, or for a one-off rental fee of EUR 5 per tour.
  • Can we arrive by public transport?
    Yes, to Roermond Central Station, and then by taxi (approx. 5 km to the port).
  • Can you reach a supermarket by raft?
    Yes, through the lock, then you can moor in the city harbor of Roermond for free and you are right in the center. A supermarket / drugstore etc. can be reached on foot in 5 minutes.
  • Gibt es Bettwäsche?
    Nein, Schlafsäcke, Kissen und Luftmatratzen sind mitzubringen. Wir stellen nur das Floß.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    The rental also takes place in bad weather. The rental is only stopped from wind force 5 bft (permanently, not in gusts).
  • What do we do in a thunderstorm?
    Moor up near the shore, wait out a thunderstorm in the cottage.
  • can i just drop by
    The raft station is not permanently manned. Better call ahead. Please also note the raft pick-up and return times!
  • When are the return times?
    Please pay attention to the respective return time. These can be different. Your return time is listed on the invoice.
  • When are the opening times?
    The raft station is not permanently manned. If you have any questions, please call. The raft pick-up and drop-off times can be found on the booking page.
  • What extra costs will we have to pay?
    Fuel costs depending on consumption.
  • How can I use my voucher?
    The value of the voucher will be offset against the value of the booked raft tour (including extras and fuel costs). If the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the raft tour, the remaining value remains as a voucher. A cash payment is not possible.
  • What happens if I cancel at short notice?"
    For cancellations up to 3 weeks in advance, 50% of the rental price is due, for short-term cancellations 100% (see General Terms and Conditions).
  • What should I do if I have an accident with another boat?
    If another boat is damaged, be sure to notify the water police (we need an official report for insurance)! And inform our employee.
  • What do we do in a thunderstorm?
    Moor up near the shore, wait out a thunderstorm in the cottage.
  • Is the boat insured?
    The raft has liability insurance, which means damage to other boats is covered. The renter is liable for damage to the raft.
  • Is there a lifebuoy?
    Yes, there is a life belt and life jackets.
  • Are there life jackets?
    Yes, these can be borrowed at the raft station if required.
  • How can I cool my provisions?
    It is best to buy in a bucket of sea water (use Tupperware if necessary) or buy small quantities of non-perishable food.
  • Are there dishes on board?
    Yes, there are essentials for cooking for 4 or 5 people (depending on the raft) on board. Plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, pots, pans. An inventory list is available for download.
  • Garbage?
    Please bring enough rubbish bags with you! There is a rubbish bin in the parking lot. Please dispose of bottles separately.
  • Is there fresh water on board?
    Yes, you will get a full 20l fresh water canister from us on the tour.
  • Is there light on board?
    A kerosene lamp is ready. There is also an "anchor light" that must be placed on the roof at night when anchoring.
  • Do I need toilet paper?
    Yes. Preferably the cheapest and thinnest. As it should decompose in the waste tank of the toilet toilet.
  • Does the raft come with a bed?
    No, there is only one sleeping area, we recommend air mattress(es)/inflatable sleeping pad(s) and sleeping bags.


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